Space Telescope

JWST captured Saturn’s moon Titan looks just like Earth.

NASA has recently shared a JWST image of titan, which shows many similarities to our planet.

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it is one of the most intriguing natural satellites of Saturn, which looks eerily similar to the earth.

Solar System


Titan has the only thick atmosphere in our solar system that is four times denser than earth.

Fuzzy Orange Look.


Its atmosphere is primarily made up of Nitrogen and Methane, giving it a fuzzy orange look.

Titan's Northern


The Webb image shows a brilliant cloud in Titan's northern hemisphere and shortly afterward the second cloud in the atmosphere.

Titan Surface


The enormous cloud was discovered near Kraken mare, An extensive titan surface also known as the liquid sea of methane.

Titan Has Bodies 


Titan has bodies that are similar to the earth, but its lakes, river, and seas are formed of liquid methane and ethane.

These Bodies


These bodies create heavy clouds of methane and showers of rain from the sky.

Conor Nixon


Conor Nixon, a planetary scientist at NASA said that cloud detection is exciting because

Titan's Climate.


It confirms previously held computer model predictions about Titan's climate.

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