Since the dawn of time, humans have looked up at the stars and dreamed of exploring the universe. In recent years, that dream has become a reality, with dozens of space missions launched every year.The most famous space mission is probably the Apollo program, which saw humans land on the Moon for the first time in history. However, there are many other types of space missions, ranging from robotic probes to human-led expeditions. One of the most important aspects of any space mission is its objective. What is the purpose of the mission? Is it to collect data? Take pictures? Study a particular planet or star. Or is it simply to further our understanding of the universe?No matter what its objective, every space mission requires careful planning and execution. Every detail must be considered, from launch conditions to fuel requirements to where the spacecraft will ultimately end up. Space missions are frequently launched by government agencies like NASA or private companies like SpaceX. However, there are also many international collaborations, involving multiple countries working together to achieve a common goal.No matter who is behind it, every space mission is an incredible feat of engineering and human achievement. So whether you're following along from Earth or actually participating in one yourself, space missions are always fascinating and worth paying attention to!
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Exploring the International Space Station: A Orbital Lab

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